TEFAL Tefal Veggie Pan C4090642 Frying Pan – 28cm / Grey Stone Effect

Tefal Veggie Pan C4090642 Frying Pan – 28cm / Grey Stone Effect Exclusively for cooking vegetables: an extremely resistant Tefal frying pan for delicious and nutritious results

• Exclusively for cooking vegetables – no cross-contamination
• New ‘gentle cooking’ Thermo-Spot® for delicious and nutritious results
• Extra-resistant ceramic coating for durability and easy cleaning
• Ergonomic, stay-cool Bakelite handle; induction compatible

Reference: C4090642

Get maximum flavour and nutrients from your veggies

Designed exclusively for cooking healthy and delicious vegetables, the Tefal Veggie Pan features our new Thermo-Spot® heat indicator for gentle cooking. When the outer pattern changes from purple to green, you’ll know the pan has reached 140C – the ideal temperature for cooking vegetables that are full of flavour, juices and nutrients – including up to 30% more vitamin C*. The unique grey stone-effect surface features an extremely resistant ceramic coating that’s composed of up to 90% minerals for added durability. This extra-hard surface means the Veggie Pan is tough enough to withstand all types of utensils without scratching – even metal ones. Better still, this Tefal frying pan also has a ceramic-coated exterior, so it’s super easy to clean. Or save yourself the job and put it in the dishwasher. The ergonomic Bakelite handle ensures comfortable everyday handling. This handle is oven safe up to 175C and stays cool no matter how hot the pan gets. Plus, because it’s green, it’ll be easy to spot in your kitchen cupboard. The Tefal Veggie Pan is safe to use on all hobs and has been manufactured to ensure efficient and optimised induction cooking. Plus, it’s made in France by Tefal, the cookware world leader**, so you know it’s built to last. • Perfect vegetables: The Tefal Veggie Pan is purpose-designed for cooking vegetables gently with delicious and nutritious results. • Gentle cooking: The new Thermo-Spot® heat indicator turns green when the pan reaches the ideal cooking temperature (140C) to maximise flavour and preserve up to 30% more nutrients*. • Durable design: The extra-resistant ceramic coating is composed of up to 90% minerals for durable performance (metal utensil-safe) and easy cleaning. • Green to be seen: The ergonomic, stay-cool Bakelite handle ensures safe and comfortable handling, while its green colour makes it easy to spot in the cupboard. • Induction safe: The Tefal Veggie Pan is safe to suitable for use on gas, electric, ceramic and induction hobs. • Quality assured: The Veggie Pan is made in France and built to last by Tefal, the world leader in cookware**.  

*+30% of Vitamin C  preserved compared to searing cooking, tested externally on peppers.

*30% more vitamin C preserved versus searing; tested externally on peppers
**Independent panel 2016 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition.

  • Veggies only

    Exclusively designed for cooking vegetables (avoids cross-contamination with other foods)

  • Gentle cooking

    Thermo-Spot® turns green when pan reaches the ideal cooking temperature for maximum flavour and nutrients*

  • All hobs + induction  

    Compatible with all stovetops (gas, electric, ceramic) + induction

  • Made in France

    Cookware designed and manufactured in France

  • Trust Tefal

    Made by Tefal, the worldwide leader in cookware**

  • Eco friendly

    Recyclable products with a safe ceramic coating (no PFOA, lead or cadmium)

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