Tefal Madras Collection

Madras Collection Includes:26cm Kadai with Glass lid, Chapati Pan with Non-stick Coating
Exquistie Cooking  
The Madras collection from Tefal, offers you 2 pieces of authentic Indian cookware with the Kadai and the Chapati pan. The collection  features a durable non-stick coating, promising a long lasting cooking performance. Tefal’s iconic Thermo-spot technology indicates when the pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature as it turns solid red delivering exquisite cooking results.           
• Thermo-spot technology on Kadai 
• Aluminium for optimum heat conductivity
• Resist Plus Non-Stick Coating
• Non stick exterior for easy cleaning
• Bakelite handle, Oven safe up to 175 degree Celsius for up to 1 hour
• Dishwasher safe

Tefal Madras Collection: Specially shaped cookware for authentic Indian cuisine

This range features specially shaped cookware to allow you to cook authentic Indian cuisine from the comfort of your own home. All the benefits of Tefal aluminium non-stick combined with the patented Thermo-Spot® technology. Aluminium cookware is very popular amongst beginners and gourmet cooks alike thanks to excellent conductivity and durability on both the exterior and interior of the product. Long-lasting and light weighted this material is easy to use for everyday cooking. The handles have been ergonomically designed for a solid and comfortable grip. This Kadai features a durable non-stick coating, promising a long lasting cooking performance. This Kadai also features Tefal's iconic Thermo-Spot® technology, which indicates when the pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature. As well as this, the Kadai comes with a glass lid, allowing you to easily monitor your cooking on the hob or in the oven, without releasing any heat. The Chapati pan features a durable non-stick coating, promising a long lasting cooking performance. Fully flat construction with non-stick helps to easily release the Chapatis. The Chapati pan handle is made of Bakelite, oven safe up tp 175 ° C for upto 1 hour with comfortable grip.

Resist Plus Non-Stick Coating
Tefal thoroughly test their non-stick coatings through 8,000 abrasion cycles which ensures optimum glide over time. Extremely durable, this non-stick coating provides a long lasting protection against scratches and abrasions.

Tefal Quality
Lifetime guarantee on non-stick against blistering and peeling. Suitable for all heat sources, excluding induction and dishwasher safe.

Tefal is one of the world leaders in non-stick cookware and small electrical appliances, offering a host of high quality and enhanced products designed to simplify everyday tasks in the home. Tefal's approach is one that evokes ingenuity and pleasure, aimed at people who enjoy the experience of cooking together. Tefal is one of an industry benchmark and sets the standard in non-stick coating technology. The brand is recognised for the variety and originality of its offer and renowned for its Thermo-Spot® heat indicator. Tefal has been supporting consumers for over 50 years with ingenious products that deliver healthy, balanced cooking and better results. From cookware to electric cooking, Tefal offers convivial solutions that provide pleasure to use every day.

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