TEFAL Perfect Mix+ BL811D40 High-Speed Blender

Perfect Mix+ BL811D40 High-Speed Blender Blend in an instant with the Tefal Perfect Mix+ high speed blender
  • Six Powelix blades for perfect blending up to 30% faster*
  • Powerful 1200W motor delivers 28,000 rotations per minute (RPM)
  • Three pre-set programmes, including Smoothie, Ice Crush and Auto Clean
  • 2L thermoresistant glass jug for hot and cold ingredients, enough for the whole family
  • Auto Clean function and dishwasher safe parts make cleaning up a breeze

Reference: BL811D40

Enjoy soups, smoothies and more with this high-performance blender

Whether you’re preparing smoothies for the family or crushing ice for cocktails with friends, the Tefal Perfect Mix+ blender is powerful enough to tackle it all. The six blades built with Powelix Technology are designed to amplify the mixing power for up to 30% faster* results. Here’s how: firstly, these robust stainless-steel blades are set at the perfect cutting angle to whizz through tough ingredients with ease. Secondly, being razor-sharp, they can pulverise any food to a velvety finish. Thirdly, the spinning blades create a powerful vortex that pulls every last ingredient in for lump-free results. Its powerful 1200W motor completes 28,000 RPM, so that you can enjoy delicious results fast, and is combined with an air-cooling system to prevent overheating. The backlit speed sector features three pre-set functions, Smoothie, Ice Crush and Auto Clean, as well as a pulse function for total control. Whether you’re blending soup or crushing ice, its 2L thermoresistant jug won’t crack under hot or cold temperatures and can hold enough for family and friends. Both the jug and the removable stainless-steel blades are dishwasher safe to make cleaning even easier.

  • Faster blending: Six Powelix Technology sharp stainless-steel blades provide the optimal resistance, cutting performance and vortex action to amplify the mixing power for up to 30% faster results.
  • Durable 1200W motor delivers 28,000 RPM for fast results, while an air-cooling system prevents overheating.
  • Three pre-set programmes including Smoothie, Ice Crush and Auto Clean for more versatility.
  • 2L thermoresistant jar holds hot or cold ingredients and is big enough for the whole family.
  • Stainless-steel blades are dishwasher safe.

*versus previous range – BL80/LM80

*compared to Tefal BL310

  • 30% faster*

    Six Powelix Technology blades to amplify the mixing power

  • Optimal resistance

    Hardened stainless-steel blades at an optimised cutting angle to handle even tough ingredients

  • Optimal cutting

    Razor-sharp blades for optimal cutting performance and super-smooth results

  • Optimal vortex

    Spiralling vortex action to pull ingredients into the blades for an even texture (no chunks)

  • High-performance

    1200W motor delivers 28,000 RPM for superfast results

  • 3 smart pre-set programs and backlit speed selector

    3 pre-set programs (Smoothie, Ice Crush and Auto Clean) to create a variety of preparations and a backlit speed selector with pulse function to easily choose the speed you need, for total control. The light varies according to the speed.

  • Generous capacity

    2L capacity thermoresistant jug lets you prepare hot or cold recipes for the whole family.

  • Fuss-free cleaning 

    Easy cleaning thanks to Auto Clean function and removeable, dishwasher-safe stainless-steel blades.

  • Air cooling system

    Designed motor ventilation to prevent overheating, combined with a resettable fuse, for better motor durability.

  • High-performance

    1200W motor delivers 28,000 RPM for superfast results

Recipes Using This Product
Power 1200  W
Blades Technology Powelix blades = 30% faster  
Jar total capacity 2  L
Jar material Glass  
Removable blades    
Number of blades 6  
Additional included accessories SPATULA  
Suction feet for stability    
Programs 3 programs: Smoothie, Ice crush, Auto clean  
Jar useful capacity 1,75  L
Ice crush function    
Speed settings VARIATOR  
Cord Storage    
Dishwasher safe    
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