TEFAL Tefal PerfectMix+ Tritan BL82AD40

Tefal PerfectMix+ Tritan BL82AD40 Blend faster for longer thanks to our best-ever blade technology 
  • Get perfect results in less time with the six Powelix Life blades for perfect blending up to 30% faster* and lasting up to 2x longer**
  • Satisfy the whole family in the 2L jug and its spatula not to waste a drop
  • Plastic Tritan Jar: light, stain resistant and unbreakable material for more convenience
  • Go manual or let the blender do the work with three automatic programs
  • Skip the washing-up thanks to ‘auto clean’ and dishwasher-safe parts

Reference: BL82AD40

Blend faster for longer thanks to our best-ever blade technology and 100% breakproof jug

Blend faster for longer with the PerfectMix+ Tritan high-speed blender. Six new-generation Powelix Life blades, 1200W of power and speeds of up to 28,000rpm make this our most efficient, powerful and durable blending technology yet. Only Powelix Life blades deliver super-smooth results up to 30% faster* and last up to twice as long**. Here’s how: firstly, these robust stainless-steel blades are set at the perfect cutting angle to whizz through tough ingredients with ease. Secondly, being razor-sharp, they can pulverise any food to a velvety finish. Thirdly, the spinning blades create a powerful vortex that pulls every last ingredient in for lump-free results. Finally, because they’re coated in ultra-hard titanium, their incredible cutting performance will last up to two times longer**. We’ve also upgraded the family-sized 2L jug to breakproof Tritan, so it won’t crack or shatter – even if you drop it. Lighter than glass, it’s easier to use and it’s crystal-clear (even after repeated dishwashing), so you can watch the magic happen. Plus, it’s incredibly resistant to odours and stains. Crush garlic or puree tomatoes without lingering smells or turning the jug red. Experiment with textures using the variable speed dial – pulse is great for making breadcrumbs and chopping nuts. Or let the three automatic programs do the work for you. There’s ‘smoothie’ for fresh sauces, coulis or batters, ‘ice crush’ for cocktails, and even ‘auto clean’. Just add water and washing-up liquid, and voila – clean jug! The blades are also removable for thorough cleaning. For peace of mind, this blender has an Air Cooling System to prevent overheating, a robust stainless-steel body and four suction feet to keep it stable.

*Compared to Tefal BL310

**Compared to regular Powelix blades

*Compared to Tefal BL310 **Compared to regular Powelix blades

  • Powelix Life: Amplified mixing

    Up to 30% faster* results and up to 2 x longer-lasting performance**

  • Effortless blending

    Robust stainless-steel blades set at the perfect cutting angle to tackle tough ingredients with ease

  • Incredible smoothness

    Razor-sharp blades to pulverise any food to a super-smooth finish – no pre-chopping needed

  • Thorough blitzing

    Spiralling vortex to pull every last ingredient into the blades for lump-free results

  • Lasting performance

    Ultra-hard titanium-coated blades for an incredible cutting performance that lasts up to twice as long**

  • Breakproof jug

    XL 2L jug in lightweight, unbreakable, and odour- and stain-resistant Tritan

  • Easy to use

    Simple backlit variable speed dial with pulse, and three automatic program buttons

  • Cool running

    Innovative ventilation system to prevent overheating and extend life of blender

  • Air cooling system

    Specially designed motor ventilation technology prevents overheating, for safe use and total peace of mind.

Recipes Using This Product
Power 1200  W
Blades Technology Powelix blades = 30% faster  
Jar total capacity 2  L
Jar material Tritan  
Removable blades    
Number of blades 6  
Dosing cup    
Suction feet for stability    
Programs 3 programs : Smoothie, Ice crush, Autoclean  
Jar useful capacity 1,5  L
Ice crush function    
Speed settings VARIATOR  
Dishwasher safe - details The jar  
Dishwasher safe    
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